There is no delete?

I’ve been wrestling with WD My Book Essentials and I just found that you can’t delete files from your backup.

It’s going back tomorrow. I don’t want an external drive  that is in  constent backup mode.

I had 3 WD drives for 10 years that didn’t fail me.

I’m a little disappointed  :smileyembarrassed 

ohhhh…Just don’t use Smartware and that’s it. You can use the drive as a regular pen drive or better yet you can use any backup software of your choice…

The guy at the store told me the same thing.

But the point of buying it was to get a backup drive and backup software in the same package.

My fault for assuming it would have good backup software.

You might be better with some sync software. Something like a free one at MS called SyncToy.