There has to be a fix - help

For nearly a month now, I have not been able to get my safe points to save. Over a week ago, two community menu bets gave me some suggestions, restoring the system, etc. and it looked as though it was going to work since it saved one time, and previously I had error code 1102. However, it stopped on the next update with error code 1100 and I have done all the things suggested before with no luck. I even reformatted the back up drive, done a retore on the cloud device, and NO LUCK! I even tried using another backup drive, both are WD drives. No luck. I can’t accept I can’t get this to work, and ai have too many items I use on the cloud that I can’t sit comfortable unable to backup in case of a crash. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

Good luck.  After upgrading to firmware v4 my safe points stopped being reliable.  I figured out a way to run rsync manually but that began to fail too. (search for my posts)  (I have 100’s of 1000’s of files on my 4 TB cloud.)

Root cause:  I suspect that the upgrade to 64kb pages in firmare V4 is too much for the 256 MB system memory.  Why do I suspect this?  Evidence is that on firmware V4 after reboot, my system was using consistently consuming > 110 MB and at times > 200 MB of the swapfile (way too much for this little puppy).  System was slow and unreponsive because of excessive swaping.  Shutting down wdmcserver, wdphotomergerdb, and at times even apache2 made the file server responsive and rsync work.

Without those processes shutdown, system logs showed various “out of memory” crashes from upnp_…whatever… and apache2 as well as, of course, rsync which is why it was unreliable.

I moved back to firmware V3; voiding my warranty after the posted [Tutorial] did not work.

Now, days later and moving all my files back onto the from the last safe point, MyWDCloud is currently sitting with a 60 MB committed swapfile and it is a very responsive system so I am somewhat happy.

So, it would seem that 64kb page memory thing is clearly something that the geeks at WD did not think though very well. 

Right now, wdmcserver is still churing away (>601 cpu minutes), expect that to go on for the next few days, then wdphotomergerd will kick in and have to do its thing making thumbnails of every image file, all the while having the system will “wake up” on the hour and run “du” only to tell me how many video, photos, music, and the dreaded “other” files I have on my cloud…I suppose someone in upper management decided that was information we all *needed* to know on a hourly basis.

So REALLY?!   REALLY?!  We need all this background stuff on this relatively weak hardware platform???

Sorry for the rant, but it makes me feel good!  :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for confirming that I am not insane. I believe you are correct,mince all this started for me after the last firmware upgrade was installed. I have been waiting for another release to see if it corrects the problem. I CAN ONLY HOPE SOMEONE FROM HP IS READING THIS AND CAN JOIN INNWITH HOPE OF A FIX! other than the Safepoint issue, t runs, works fine, but safe points are a must for me so I don’t run the risk of a crash and loss of the library. And they expect me to trust my time machine backup to this device, when it can’t even back itself up. No way.