- False Movie posts

Well, I was redoing some of my moviesheets and I could not get Thumbgen to pull up the right information.

After fulling around with Thumbgen for awhile, thinking it was something to do with it, I decided to check the site to see if there was a problem.

Come to find out that someone has been messing around and posting false moives.   One of the movies that I was having problems was Disneys’ “Aladdin (1992)”, even though it existed correctly on the site, Thumbgen would pull up the wrong info (or a least partially the wrong info).   It seems that someone had posted an “Aladdin” home made movie (or movies they think they are in) and used the same real IMDb number for it.

The false movies that I found all had Alex & Stefan Verch as the only to cast members.  If you find anything like this please report it to so that they can be removed.

This will also affect “Get info” using the HUB.

Just tried it with Thumbgen,  no problems here… 

There was another problem Ive found, missing ratings and there was a post on this on a another board site, see link

JoeySmyth wrote:

Just tried it with Thumbgen,  no problems here… 




That’s because I fixed it by deleting the false movies IMDb number.

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Everyone should also know that there is a problem with IMDb Certification ratings.   IMDb has the wrong ratings on some of the movies.

I believe that it was some of the Disney films that were coming back a “TV-PG” and some movies like “The Partriot” (with Mel Gibson, not the one with Steven Seagal) came back as “Unrated”.

The ratings are right in the text part on the IMDb page, but at the top of the page where it shows the rating under the title it’s wrong.  This is the rating that Thumbgen scapes the Certification from, so if you are generating a moviesheet with the certification on it, make sure you check to see that it has the correct one.