THEMING- Advice on XML language and Structure


Can anyone point me in the right direction (web page link will do) upon XML source codes and what each different command specifically does?

I have googled search for XML code and the list is endless, keeps bringing JAVA up ?? and other that I can’t see as being particularly relevant.

 It’s just that i’m trying to get to grips with theming and whilst i understand the general concept and basic lines of code, ie x,y co-ords, text etc. (i have used thumbgen designer also which has helped), but i just don’t know what some codes mean such as Wrapper, VAlkey, trigger  and so on. :angry:

Also any guidance upon structure of a line of command would also be extremely helpful.


Some WD info here:

Check this thread out HERE.  

Also, some tips on themeing HERE.

These are not complete, but will get you started.  And I wil be adding more things to these threads down the line.

Any thing on themeing you should ask in the Theme Forum, there are quiet a few themers their, most will be able to give you some advice when you need it.  You will also get faster answers to theme questions, than you will posting in the General Forum.