Have any users submitted any themes for review by wd?  If so when will they be ready?

Not yet. Hopefully WD will offer some kind of “app store” for them. An editor is also badly needed.

I started creating a Theme and got part way before losing interest (changed the background, the busy animation, the dashboard graphic, the menu bar, the progress bar indicator…).

The documentation is a joke.  

You have no idea what XML file or variable controls what onscreen item.  Some graphical elements used in the UI aren’t even named in any of the XML files, so again you end up editing PNG using trial and error.

You spend most of the time fumbling in the dark and walking between your PC and TV to check if anything has changed, praying it hasn’t cached anything and won’t require reloading the theme or restarting the unit.

Like kosh2 says, it badly needs an editor, or at least some proper documentation that clearly lays out all the key UI elements and where / how to edit them.

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hi PixelPower

i started also creating a theme on the LiveHub. I faced also to the same issue that a looot of PNGs in the provided lagacy.theme are not used or are duplicates from others. Its a bit confusing. Its also like that, if a PNG will not be found

inside your theme the internal PNG will be used.

Anyway, I want to tell you how i did it to find out witch PNGs are really displayed and needed. Its a bit more work but after that it’s really easy to hande the PNGs. I have opened all PNGs step by step with photoshop and wrote a.e. a red number (1,2,3,…101,102…) like a watermark inside each PNG and saved it. After that you see at the TV witch PNG is used and for what.

Welcome Screen  Anodized Theme - Beta State

(see my gallery for enlarged view)

Hey you did a really nice job. But your theme is not for live hub. its for wdtv live prob should move this to another thread not to confuse people.

still a very nice theme though :slight_smile:

Uhm, David, yes it is!  :smileyvery-happy:

oh ok i went to this link to see my mistake sorry

No problem…  That’s one nice addition to the HUB…  The user interface is very customizable…  WITHOUT the need for custom firmware.  :)

Yeah it does look very nice. I am usually pretty good at customizing themes and would have loved to design one for the hub for sure. But i am working on another project right now for ipad so i have no time. This is my website :slight_smile:


Here are some more screenshots. Click em to enlarge… - screenshot_001.jpg - screenshot_002.jpg - screenshot_004.jpg - screenshot_003.jpg - screenshot_005.jpg - screenshot_007.jpg - screenshot_006.jpg

That’s looking great!  Any idea when it’ll be released / submitted to the WD online database?

Thanks for the tip on numbering the PNGs, such a simple idea but extremely helpful.

Here’s a screenshot of the home page for my WIP theme:


Haven’t touched it since early November but I’ll try and finish it off.

Psych your theme is coming along very nicely when do you think you will release?

@ PixelPower, davidtbaron & TonyPh12345   

I have sent you a PM with a DL link for testing purpose. :slight_smile: Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Hi Michael,

your Theme looks great (kannst Du mir auch bitte den Link mal schicken)

Dankeschön - Best Regards


@ gerdk


Very Nice theme and such a lot of work. Can i get the download Link too.

Many Thanks.

Greetings Olli

PsychoTHC wrote:

@ PixelPower, davidtbaron & TonyPh12345   

I have sent you a PM with a DL link for testing purpose. :slight_smile: Any feedback would be appreciated.


Cheers!  Using it as our main theme for now.  

My wife noticed it immediately and said “that looks better” (compared to Mochi theme).  I think she found the Mochi rainbow colour scheme a little OTT.

Nothing much to report; functionally works well and looks nice.  The main BG image is a bit bland for my taste; grabbing your graphics pack to try out some of the tasty looking alternatives.  The black wood looks pretty cool…  :)

PsychoTHC, I have become rather curious about your theme ! It seems it is already getting popular :slight_smile:

Could you also PM me the download link? I would greatly appreciate that. I realize that it is probably not completely done yet, and would be happy to give some feedback…



That theme looks very nice indeed! :slight_smile:

Can you please pm me a copy also?

Thanks in advance!

Can you just upload it and post a link so all users would have availability to use your theme?