Themes that work for individual folders?

Hi - I’ve had a Live Hub for about 2 years now and love it, and just found this theming forum.  I’ve been reading about a couple themes and some of them look like they need to have movies organized by genre.  Are there any themes that can have movies in individual folders? 

You can do that, the question would be why,or what you are trying to accomplish? If you are looking to do movie sheets, and you have each movie in an individual folder you would have to also have to have an accompanying folder.jpg in each folder that is the movie’s cover. Certainly easy to make though, just take the "moviename.jpg’ that is generated, and make a copy of it and rename it to “folder.jpg” and have it in the same directory.

Are your movie in VIDEO_TS diredcories (vob files etc) or are they avi/mkv/mp4 etc? If they are in the latter, why do you want them in individual directories? If they are in VIDEO_TS dirs, than that make a lot more sense.

Also note that you don’t have to be in genre directories at all, it’s just an easy way to sort them. You can have them broken down anyway you want, such as all in one directory, by year etc. Most people just find genre directories easy to browse through.

So short answer is yes, at least all the themes I have tried would work as you ask, with a little bit of work to get the directories (folders) to have the appropriate jpg. If you also wanted a backdrop for those folders, again a bit more work.

Let us know what you are trying to accomplish and I am sure someone here can give you more detailed instructions on how to do it.

Good Luck


all themes I know will work with individual folders,

the question is why people insist on them? do you have complete DVD Rip Folders?

because if you don’t… as Pearl perfectly pointed out it makes not much sense to keep things in extra folders, go through the extra work of creating folder sheets and having the extra clicks while navigating.

Also since we are talking about DVDs (hypertheoretically) why not ripping them into a decent mp4 or avi file? Saves you more than 3 GB / 7GB  per DVD on disk space (depending if you ripped the DVD to fit on a DVD-R or if you ripped it lossless) DVD is an completely outdated format and even a free mp4/mkv maker can produce identical qualities of a DVD with 1.0 to 1.3 GB You’d lose the menu’s but can keep the chapters including all extras