Theme Question

Hope someone can help as my searches didn’t give me an answer.  When you use the “get info” option, the hub downloads a image, and xml file from that goes with your movie.  On the xml there’s a value (out of 10).

1.  I have made some changes to the Mochi Theme, but for the live of me, I can’t seem to be able to display the value on my rv_video_browse_page display.

Is it possible to do this?

2.  Also, I want to display the mpaa value on this same display, but only the value e.g. PG 13, but if I add
“” it displays “mmpa rating: PG13”.

Is there anyway around this?

Thanks in advance…

I think the Scraper is just grabbing almost everything out of the tmdb API.   Even if it’s not used.

For example, there’s both a PLOT and OVERVIEW tag, but the Hub only uses the OVERVIEW tag.

The RATING tag is not used.

The MPAA rating IS something like PG13.   What are you wanting to display?

You might also want to ask the question in the THEMES subforum.

thanks for the quick reply.

If I add “” it displays “MPAA rating: PG13” (the label and value), but I only want to display the value (PG 13).

So there is no way for me to edit my “rv_video_browse_page.xml” to display the rating from the downloaded xml?

Not until the back-end code adds support for those variables…  If the variables DO exist, I don’t know.   Again, I would suggest you ask in the THEMES forum.  There are MUCH more experienced folks over there.