Theme Modding

I really like this theme [Extreme_FinalMix_DVDCase_3_SHEET] for movies:

Here is an example:

For TV I have modified Extreme_FinalMix_SHEET to work more with TV episodes.


Two things I havent been able to figure out so far to complete the modifications for my liking.

  1. in the TV one I would like a header above the cover image that says “TV” or “TV Series” like the DVD one has.

  2. I would like the blank blue area at the bottom transparent on both [especially TV] so I can see the files in the same folder. Or maybe make a trickle in there.

Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.


drizzt09, Nice work on the TV Sheet…

Send me your template via pm and i will modify it to include the TV cover box

As for transparency use firetix method :-

Remove the background and create as a .png using thumbgen then remame the file manually to .jpg

PM’d you.

Ill try the transparency once I get it back from you.

You know how to make Trickle affect for it?

Here you go

I will be looking at making a new mega template pack 1.8 which will include these, but just download as add for now

There is an extra coverbox png just put that in