THEME HUB CORN V.1.0 (official release)


LINK TO DOWNLOAD =====    VERSION 1.1 (2011-15-02)



  • Fix Bug

  • Delete dashboard Icon grey

  • Delete Gallery Dashboard

  • change all icons, font text,logo selected etc… orange for the yellow color.

  • Delete animation logo on main menu.

  • Adder a cover glass on the menu online service list.

  • Adder a cover glass on the menu online service Grid.

  • Change a Screensaver_Background for a Screensaver_Background HubCorn official.

  • many more…



 Correction de bogues

  • Supprimer le tableau de bord gris Icon
  • Supprimer Dashboard Galerie
  • Changer toutes les icônes, le texte de la police, etc logo sélectionné. orange pour la couleur jaune.
  • Logo animation sur Supprimer dans le menu principal.
  • Adder un couvercle en verre sur la liste des services en ligne de menu.
  • Adder un couvercle en verre dans le menu service en ligne de la grille.

Modifier le Screensaver_Background pour un le Screensaver_Background HubCorn.


Please write comments about hubcorn
and also if you have any bug

svp ecrivez des commentaire a propos hubcorn
et aussi si vous avez des bug

Hi Helll3ond, good work BTW- in fact excellent.

However I also liked the Hub Corn V Beta 2.0 with the shaded red icons but i can’t find a download link?!?!

Any chance you could point me in the right direction. Hope so

Thanking you in anticipation. 

thank you ! humm the red icon on main menu?

Helll3ond this screenshot is what I was meaning.

Is this theme still available?




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