Theme for the Live GEN3

Where I can find theme for the LIVE Gen3 player? Look like WD close the only theme website available… Found theme for the “hub” version, but it’s not a .THEME file, only a zip with many files inside.

So, don’t know what to do!


The Hub and the WD Live Gen 3 uses almost the same themes, look for more information below:

Has anyone confirmed this on gen3?

Confirm what?  That live hub themes work on the live gen3?  They do, but my experience has been that a lot of the synopsis portion of the movie info gets stuck on one line, scrolling by very fast

In addition I am using the MOJO theme however I am having difficulties to display the Actors & First Aired fields. I have it working for two TV shows but can’t get it to work for the other TV shows. It almost looks like that the theme reads the folder type or whatever wrong and now displays Date instead of First Aired but does not display Actors. also the Overview only displays like 4 lines and I can’t get it to advance. I am using ThumbGen to create the XML files.

In short until there is actualy an owner of the SMP unit that knows the ins and outs of theme creation it is hit and miss with the Live Hub themes.

I have noticed this on my Gen3 as well without any theme installed.

One line and scrolling madly fast.

The only thing I have done is use the WDTVHubGen for generating the xml files.

From my experience, a lot of the nicer hub themes don’t fully work with the streaming player. Even though some claim they do. It’s disappointing. And there appears to be no one making any either.

Would be great if anybody comes up wit a solution for the fast plot scrolling issue. :neutral_face: