Theme Creation Help

Hi everyone - having recently got my hands on a WDTV Live HUB I really want to stretch my artistic skills and create a theme or two - or at the very least adapt the exisiting one to something more tailored.

I don’t know if this is a cheeky request, or something which has been covered elsewhere (which I haven’t found through searching) - but do any exisiting theme creators have a core PSD template they use in PhotoShop to create their themes, or is there a ‘vanilla’ psd I could use so that I can design the theme how I want it (within the confines of the design guidelines) before splitting it up into its component parts/image files?

I’ve tried looking through the legacy theme example, and it’s hard to see how the bits fit together in some areas, and a nicely labelled PSD template would be a great way to at least create a great design, and make sure it holds up, before diving into the XML/code…

What are your thoughts? Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Well, anyone’s PSDs would be for their theme and still might not help you.  I have several psds (actually xcf, which is Gimps version of psd & I believe open up the same with PS), but they are for my themes and not labled very well.

The best thing to do is to create your own for what ever you want to do.  It’s really not that hard since, mostly, for each view the xml is laid out just as they would be for each layer in Photoshop.

You should probably take a look at my post HERE, which explains things a little.