The volume is the wrong format for a backup

hi, can you help me copy time machine backups to the WD My Cloud Drive?

thnx, i left the video “unlisted,” but did put it out there :slight_smile:


Have you tried copying the time machine backup to the Time Machine Share on the My Cloud?

Have you turned OFF Time Machine on the Mac before attempting to copy the backup files to the My Cloud?

Have you reviewed the Apple Support document on how to move Time Machine backups to an NAS drive?

Or see this link that explains how to move a Time Machine backup.

Your frustration most likely lies with Apple/Mac and their error messages not necessarily with the My Cloud since you can easily copy over non Time Machine files to the My Cloud. I suppose as a troubleshooting step you could, if you haven’t done so already, disable the Time Machine backup option through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings and see if you can copy the Time Machine folder over.

Also, please note that this support forum is primarily a user to user support site. Very few actual WD employees/support persons monitor this site.