The TV become black when some time

Hi all,

please help me.

I have a big problem that make me crazy and nervous.

the problem is the following.

I have WT TV Live connected by HDMI cable to the TV and by usb connected to the HD (western digital).

Some time (but very often) the TV become black…like the HDMI was disconnect and the WD TV Live doesn’t  work,

infact i’m not able to switch off it (the power and the USB  icon is illuminated).

to make all running again It is necessary to remove the power.

after this operation all is working.

I resetted the WD TV Live , more then one time and the TV WD Live is updated to the last firmware version!!!

could you suggest me somethings before I putt all in the trash ??

thx in advance.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Hi oxter,
thx  for your answer.

Anyway, i did some test to try to fix this problem or atleast to understand what is going wrong.

I changed the following setting:

  1. I removed the WD screen saver.
  2. I changed the HDMI resolution… before was 1080I and I changed to 720.

and  since i did this changes the problem disappeared.

I add one more information about this problem:
 " with previous firmware version this problem was not present"

I’m not sure, but i remember that with the previous firmware , when i turn on the WD TV live , the HDMI (always setted in auto) was set to 720.
So i’m confident thta the problem is , whit this version the HDMI it is instantiated in 1080I and it is going in crash in some case, or after some time of inactivity.

I hope it could be the problem…anyhow the time will tell me.

Sorry for my bad english.