The real storage capacity of the My Book Live Duo



I’d like to ask some questions concerning My Book Live Duo. In the previous email exchange I was said the MBLD needs some “free operating space for cache” etc. Could you please tell me how much space it actually needs? I filled my MBLD with a number of files and now wy OS shows that there is still 965 GB free on the MBLD. Despite this, writing any new data on it is practically impossible, which apparently implies that the drive has already reached its maximum capacity and the 965 GB shown as free is actually used by the MBLD’s operating system as its cache. Is my understanding of the situation correct? If it is so, then is there any way to limit this enormous cache so that more data could be stored on the MBLD? 


I would be most grateful for an answer.

Thank you.


Despite having 965 GB of storage left, I’m unable to copy anything more. Any attempt results invariably in 0x8007003B error.

Hi there,

Try to reboot the drive and check if the available space changes, it is really rare that the drive has so much space for cache. I would also like to know the available space you have when you access the units dashboard.

965GB is almost a terabyte.    The OS should need no more than 50GB of free space.

The error code you’re posting (0x8007003B) has nothing to do with the WD – the issue is on your computer or network.

Google it for lots of posts all over the spectrum.

Rebooting changes nothing, unfortunately.

Sorry to inform you, but the problem has a lot to do with the WD, since it happens when I use a WD product. Please don’t try to put the blame on others anymore. I know that I am not the only person out there who got the same problem with the WD HDDs.

Before posting here I actually checked up other fora and websites to find out any solution. There is not a single one working (that’s right, the firewall and the antivir soft is NOT a problem, resetting or rebooting of anything also doesn’t help).

I tried to get the official support from the WD, but it’s online support system does not allow me to pass any queries and reports an error itself (“problems with searching the knowledge base”). Quite disappointing and frustrating, I must say.

Another important point to stress is that the file transfer breaks down only for slightly bigger files, approx. more than 10MB big. Copying files of any size is possible though, but only with more than 1TB space left(?) on the drive. After reaching this limit the problem starts immediately. 

Is your PC Wired or WiFi?   If Wireless, do you have the same issue with wired?