The Process of WD Element 2TB is become slow

I bought my external hard disk from last year. The early few months, it is well preform, but it spent 3 minutes for open a PDF file at now. Could anyone solve it form me??/

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Try running a diagnostic using WD DLG to verify the drive’s health.

It spent 4 hours but it still under process and done likely 10% now

you just overfilling your Relo-list by doing that. Its a known issue with any WD drive and module #32. I don’t know why this isnt a sticky yet. But once the slow response kicks in your drive is doomed, and would need to go to data recovery service.

here is a blog post on the  topic. Unfortunatelly, there are no tools that you can download that would have access to service area to clean out the module 32 and restrict new entries. Usually this issue is initiated by some form of impact that the drive had. Heads slowly begin to degrade and lose their responsiveness, module 32 sees that delayed reading as if the problem is on sector level. So it begins loggin huge number of sectors into the list that can get overfilled quick.

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