The problem with large flash disk Transcend into the USB on the front panel

I have a film in 20-30 seconds freeze - fast forward by 20 seconds - is a little more - again, freezes, etc.
This is the USB on the front panel and it is big flash drives. I have all the big flash disks - one 16GB, one 32GB,one 64GB Transcend.
Firmware - any, including 1.07.15.
Movies - tested different.


ADATA 4GB - it’s OK.
With flash cards on 16/32/64 GB Transcend, inserted into the USB back panel - ALL movies are playing.

sounds like a problem with the front usb …

have you tried using other large capacity flash drives? 

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Other flash drives have a large amount I do not.
These 16/32/64 GB Transcend flash drives are easily worked and are working on all USB ports, Gen1, Gen2, and USB port on the back panel of the Gen3.

This is incorrigibly?

I have the exact same problem with a 32GB Transcend flash drive. On the back panel’s USB port plays fine!

This happens to me with a 1TB WD HDD attached to the front USB port.

On firmware 1.08.17 the problem remained!

On firmware 1.09.10 the problem remained!