The new Mac app is better, but not enough


I really like WD’s My Book Live, have 2 and will buy more when it works well enough. The new app is really faster than the previous method of connecting, but lost a lot compared to the use of Finder.

I cannot copy files, dragging and dropping between folders - I cannot have two folders visible. I cannot search or filter. I cannot see images without opening or do a quick view.

It’s an app. Albeit shiny.

So this is what I need to finally leave the NSA, sorry, Dropbox, SugarSunc and Google Drive:

  1. Use Finder, like Dropbox does - could be a local folder sync:ed to the WD drive, if only performance is ok, could be a folder to the drive - could be both for different uses (such as using files offline, just like Dropbox);

  2. Add search - I have all of my past business life on these drives but it is not easy (to say impossible) to search within them. Soadd indexing to the drive OS and either make it possible to search with Spotlight or add a tool to search from Finder.

  3. Be able to share a folder with outside parties (nice to have, but I can keep using Dropbox for this);

  4. And if you really want to integrate with dropbox, make the integration between the drive and Dropbox, not at the app level.


Idea approved for voting.