The network path was not found

hi guys

I have just bought new computer (last one everything worked fine).

So now I downloaded the latest version of wd discovery. it found device “WDTVLIVE”. but when I hit browse network shares it says “the network path was not found”.

Ive read around in the forum and found a guide for dos cmds.

I open cmd. I hit net view and it finds my device, workgroup name is correctly spelled and says “Registered”

I hit net view \wdtvlive and it gives me system error 53

“network path was not found”

I have windows 7. What can be wrong?

For one thing, you can GOOGLE that error message and get LOTS of info.

In general, a System Error 53 is a NAME LOOKUP failure.

A couple of things to check:

  - Make sure the WORKGROUP name matches across all your devices.

  - Make sure you can “RESOLVE” the name of the box.

  - Make sure you have enabled NETBIOS OVER TCP/IP:



* find your adapter

* Right Click, select PROPERTIES.

* Scroll down to Internet Protocol Version 4 … and select it



* Select the WINS tab

* Under NETBIOS, Make sure “DEFAULT” is selected.

* OK to all windows.

  I hit net view and it finds my device, workgroup name is correctly spelled and says “Registered”

I’m not sure where you’re seeing “REGISTERED” when you do Net View?

it just feels like I have done everything.

I have no firewall or antivirus running (not windows own even). windows defender is on though but shouldnt make problems.

I can ping the device both by ip and name. I can find it in net view but when I hit net view \wdtvlive it gives error 53.

netbios is enabled.

remote registry service is started.

the registered part I found when doing something with nbtstat -a that I cannot find exactly right now. was in some guide here. then it said registered.

the name of network is workgroup correctly spelled on both devices.

ive googled and nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. I suspect that some service is disabled that should be enabled but I dont really know…

Filesharing and printer is enabled.

what could I have missed?