The My Cloud Home does not work

Not one lamp does not light, does not buzz. Replacing the power supply did not help.
How do I get the data?
I read that there are many partitions on the disk and there are not enough letters for mounting … that some scripts are needed …
If I buy and install a disc, will I have access to the data?

if you dont have access to your Nas i would get the HD from the NAS and buy " USB 3.0 SATA III Hard Drive Adapter Cable, SATA to USB Adapter Cable for 2.5 inch SSD & HDD " and connect the HD to your computer and get your data out like that , i think its the safer way for you

Connecting the disk via USB to the PC did not work, there were no files on the disks, I tried it on Windows and Linux.
If someone managed to take out their data via usb, then I think this information will be of interest to everyone.

It turned out to take out the disc and insert it into another box.

In case someone tries this and does not have a spare MCH unit to swap disks with, these two links may be of interest in reading the data, totally unsupported by WD: