The Machines Motive for "Compiling Media Files"

im neew to these type of devices and dont really understand why and exactly when this unit needs to compile media device. I’m aware that when unplug the power the unit has to compile the media again. Why does it need to do this. Whenever i choose to access a netwokr computer it prompts me that the unit is has compiled the media but i can still access if i wish to view by files and folders.

basically, what does ompiling do, why does it need to do it, when is it neccessary and what will happen if i turn it off. I think if i get the answears to these question i will solve most of the problems im having right now. Thank you.

The Media Library is a database.

It’s filling out the database with specific information about the files.

The Media Library is also populated with much more detail when you use the “Get Content Info” function.

Basically the media library is recording, at a minimum, the name, path, and type of every media file it finds.

When you do GetContent Info, it also stores information on the PLOT, DIRECTORS, GENRES, CAST, etc. etc.

You can then SEARCH, SORT, and DISPLAY data based on that.

Without the media library enabled, all it will show you is a list of files.

hmmm… what would cause my live huib to have dublicate media files present in the menu’s when viewing on a tv, however the live hub really only has single copies and can be proven when viewed from a network computer.

Dunno. Try clearing the media library.

ye i did so and it cleared it up. also now i can only sort by folders and no other option is even listed, i guess its because it has to consolidate the media once more and once complete the option will be available again. Is that the only benefit form compiling the media?

Going on that assumption most of the media i have doesnt not have that information filled out anyway such as type, genre, director. I plan on using the folder style menu only anyways, would there be any disadvanceages form just disabling the “compilation of media” option?

The sorting issue is due to a bug in the firmware.  When you clear the media library, it does not restore that info from the metadata xml.