The Life of Drives

Hi - I’m about to get rid of Vista and install Windows 8.  A friend asked if I’m going to replace the drive before installation…

Never thought about it, but the machine is 7 years old and I’m having problems with not starting/ crashing etc - which I have assumed to be Vista.

My friend reckons the drives have done well, but now is the ideal time to replace.

I have 2 WD drives installed - WDC WD5000AAKS-65YGA0

Is it necessary? On a like for like basis what’s the recommended WD drive?

Thoughts and advice appreciated


Great to know… ahaha my 2007 WD5000AAKS is still running almost as new too… you have very good well made drives…

Exchange sata cables (if you have cheap.cables on your pc) i ve had cables with one year making me going to a pc repair shop thibking it was chipset on motherboatd dying

and install windows 7, run hard disk sentinel and see how is the health
Post on tinypic and let us see :slight_smile:
If they are good you will only need to upgrade if you want ssd and get the oldies for bulk storage

Im sorry install windows 8.1 lol