The last content source has been removed, , please select a new content source

Hi there. 

Last night I added a couple movies and tv shows to my WD Live TV Hub. 

I used a WD passport drive and connected it via usb right to the device. 

When I checked on it this morning, there is this message:

“The WD TV is scanning your content.  Media will not appear until it is scanned.  To view all content now, switch to folder view.”  You have two options to choose:  I’ll wait and Folder View. 

If you choose “I’ll wait” it takes you back to options screen and the orange circle keeps rotating in the middle.  It also has the infamous “compiling media library at the top.” 

After about 4 minutes of scanning. it states the “last content source has been removed, please select a new content source.” Originally the portable hardrive was still plugged in, but after 5 hours of troublsehooting, I finally just disconnected it from the device. 

My options are Media Library, Local Storage, Media Server, Netwrok Share, Online Service.  The only two options you can select (since I don’t have anything else set up) are Media Library and Local Storage.  But when you choose anyone of those, it just scans for a couple minutes and takes you right back to the same issue. 

If I choose “folder view”, I can in fact follow the prompts and still find and play any video files (tv or movie) that has been on the device (including everything I uploaded last night). 

I have tried to turn the device off, and will also disconnect cords to see if the device will reset itself. 

The last time I was faced with the “Compiling Media Library” issue, it was when I just got the device a 4 weeks ago, and i was trying to transfer video files with a portable hardrive that had way o many “non-formatted files”.  The system woulnd’t know what to do, and would just compile all day. 

On now have a system with only two files on the passport drive:  Movies and TV.  So I have kept it simple and it has been able to transfer 200 movies and about 20 tv shows (full seasons). 

If anyone has any ideas, that would be great.  As I am afraid I don’t really know how to get the device to recognize what’s in it’s 1TB hardrive. 

Thanks - John


I re-connected the portable drive.  Let it re-scan.  Ejected it. 

Then turned off the device.  Unplugged everything.  Let it sit.  And gave it five minutes. 

When I turned it back on, everything works perfect.  Thanks - Jp

As you found out, this happens when you disconnect an external drive without using the Eject button. Be prepared, if you do this and then take the external drive to a PC it will tell you that the device was not disconnected properly and that it needs to be scanned for errors. Always Eject a drive before disconnecting it from the Hub to prevent possible data corruption and these annoying messages.