The hard disk doesn't connect via wifi and shows a power surge when i connect via cable

Connecting via WiFi the hard disk immediately disconnects and the power indicator and the WiFi indicators blink rapidly.

Apart from this

The connecting via cable shows a power surge and eventually disconnects.

Please find me a possible solution for atleast one issue.

Is it just the two wifi and power lights that blink, or all six lights? If all six lights are blinking. . . . that is a “bad sign”. Try rebooting twice (like any other flakey computer device) then try a full reset by pressing and holding both buttons at once… . .then start looking at the RMA process. Just for giggles, plug the device into the wall to make sure it has all the juice it needs.

For the USB cable. . . are you plugging into a computer, or a USB hub? I think this device would be dodgy and act as you describe if you are using a non-powered USB hub. I would try again using a powered (one with a power cord to the wall; not USB bus powered).

For plugging into a computer, try looking at the Device Manager (assuming Windows machine) and see if there are any errors you can clear on the USB ports. (oh. . . .and rebooting the computer once or three times won’t hurt either)