The engine of WD10SPZX turns off 1s after power is applied

Storage device WD10SPZX-60Z10T0, 15 jul 2019.
After power is applied, the engine starts (normal noise is heard without cutting or extraneous sounds, the heads are not stuck), but after 1s it turns off.
The OS does not see the disk.

  1. Should we immediately suspect a malfunction of the magnetic head unit and the need to replace it?
  2. Could the reason be in the intelligence of the firmware of the disk itself (the disk software blocks the engine, for example, due to a large number of errors previously registered in order to prevent further damage to the magnetic surface of the disk and preserve the chance of restoring existing data)?
  3. If point 2 is plausible, then what means (software?) exist to unlock the disk motor during data recovery (transferring information to an external backup drive)?
  4. What options exist (list of analogues) for replacing the magnetic head unit 73AQD9119W1B9 ?
  5. Which hdd disks (MDL of donors?) use heads that are suitable instead of 73AQD9119W1B9 ?
    (for example, inside the WD5000LPCX-60VHATO a block of magnetic heads is used, which has fundamental design differences and a different design of the interface, ending with contact pads, and the corresponding connector with spring needles is soldered to the control board)

You better deliver the HDD at professional hands, if the data worth anything.
This forum does not serve hobbyist HDD doctors.

Your model is an SMR drive. It is much more complex than the drives of yesteryear. In fact, these models are very flimsy and even the professionals have trouble with them.

Head swaps must be performed in a dust-free environment (not your kitchen table), so if you have opened your drive, you will have introduced contaminants which must now be purged.

When selecting head donors, there are certain criteria you need to follow. Knowing the drive’s family will enable you to expand your possible donors beyond the original model name.

In short, your task is doomed to fail because the information you need is not openly available.

BTW, the reason your drive powered down after 1 second is that the heads are probably bad and cannot lock onto the track servo. As for the noise, a “grinding” sound is not normal and often points to a head crash.

According HGST Ultrastar technology, platter reading this is now contactless.
Engineering precision at HDD mechanical engine, when up to a new level that regular mortals cannot touch.

New technology HDD …
Head crash over the platter ? = Imagine a car with 300Km/h this crashing over wall.