The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk1\DR1

I am receiving this message on a 12TB DX4000 that is only about a month old… I’ve had 4 separate occurences in the logs:


Event ID 11

The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk1\DR1

Im assuming I shouldnt be seeing these on a new nas.  Does anyone know a reason these errors would be appearing other than faulty hardware?

Is there a way to determine which drive is Harddisk1\DR1 (are they numbered left->right or something simple)?

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance…

My box is rebuilding right now so I cannot look.  But I am fairly certain that windows sees the WD drives as one drive.  Drive 0

I believe you have a usb drive causing this

I do indeed have a USB drive attached that I am using w/ Cobian backup for nightly backup of the extra important stuff on the DX4000.  It is also a new drive, a:

Western Digital My Book Essential 3 TB USB 3.0/2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive

Any ideas how I would go about determining what drive is which?  Also - doesn’t that controller error indicate a hw issue on the Dx4000?  Googling that error is not very productive, but practically everyone who resolved it on other systems indicated a motherboard issue.

I would lean toward ignoring it.

Remote to the wd desktop, right click my computer>manage> disk storage and you can see what is drive 1 etc

You can alos look at this PIO stuff, but again, if it was me, I would leave it alone.

Thank you for the replies.  Not sure it will make any difference, but I swapped out the USB3 cable and will continue to monitor the drive for a few days.  I had the nightly dumps from DX4000->USBDrive disabled, I’ll kick those back onboard now and see if any trouble pops up.  That link you sent is interesting, but I agree, if Im needing to change some kind of estoeric drive parameter, I’d just as soon get a new backup drive… :wink: