The disk you inserted is not readable in this computer

I get this message after upgrading my system to vs. 10.6.6 Snow Leopard… I plug in the USB and that message box pops up with 2 options to “ignore” or “eject” although nothing is mounted on the desktop.

I only use the program to keep my disk locked and use Time Machine to back up… so the “disk image” that is suppose to mount to unlock the drive will not work anymore.

How do I get this fixed or manually ‘unlock’ the harddrive?

All my backup and storage is on this HD… 

Thanks in advance for ANY help! 

P.S. I tried to push soemthing behind the HD near the plugs but I can’t see in there to see what I’m pushing to lock or unlock… ??? Has a little lock symbol, thought maybe that was what I do to manually unlock the HD.

Let me say this…

The Virtual CD will no longer mount.

Support told me to download and update the firmware but the instructions say to remove all passwords before starting… Ummmmm… hello? I can’t get the **bleep** VCD to mount to do that!

Signed onto my computer under a guest account and everything seems to work fine. So something is affecting the use of my HD on my Admin acct.  As to what? I haven’t the slightest clue!!

There isn’t anything I installed recently, only OS updates. 

Since no one else seems to be responding or having these issues I’ll go elsewhere for more help.

Im having the exact same issue, Michael from tech support told me that either my cable is bad or the disk is dead, it was definitely working 5 minutes earlier before updating my computer so i highly doubt that is the issue.  Fantastic customer service WD

Same thing… cable is bad or disk is bad.

I’ve got it up and running under a guest user but my problem now is that it will not stay connected… it suddenly disappears and I get an error message about removing disks using the “eject” button… DUH!! Not my fault the stoopid drive is bad!

so I’m constantly connecting and reconnecting the drive to remove all my saved stuff off it.

After this tho… buying something else and chucking this one in the river!

I would you suggest you contact apple on that issue they just released a 10.6.6 snow leopard update that suddenly caused that issue maybe they can give you some help let me know how that works because I dont have a MAC and would like to know the answer so I can share it with others.

Perhaps updating your “software” to adapt to 10.6.6  


don’t offer the software.

I just bought a 2TB Seagate for less than the 1TB WD I bought. It copies about 5 times faster than the WD, comes with software to back up but also opptional NOT to install or use… 

I’ll keep checking this site to see if there’s ever a solution but I needed a fix now. and my fix was another product.