The directory name is invalid, The parameter is incorrect


I have a “WD My Passport Ultra”. Suddenly when I connect this to my laptop I am seeing below error.


The directory name is invalid.

When i try to open this I see below error.

D:\ is not accessible.

The parameter is incorrect.

Please help me in solving this issue, I have loads of important data in this.


Are you still having this problem? Possible corrupted disk. but there are a few things to check to see if this is the case… What have you done so far?

Sorry for delayed response. I still have this problem. Now I cannot even see the drive. The harddisk is running but the drives are not detected. Any suggestions please?


From what ive learn is its by design that the wd doesn’t display your c:, but you are still able to access the c: if needed too… Now on my pc I have two drives… the main c: and the 2nd drive which is label d: my wd app sees the d: and the E: recovery. but like I said you can still access or transfer items from your c: to the wd… let me know if I answered your question and can help you more… Ill try and find the email that I received about the main c: not showing up in the wd app