The biggest POWER ON in a WD Hard drive that i have ever seen

I have one champion WD10EACS bought in 2009 that is still working like new with 8 years of power on today. It was on a torrent server for more than 6 continuous years

now i am testing it filling it up and its fine … good hardware

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can you beat it??

this drive outlived…it’s only a green drive but in a server environment


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[dswv42] i dont have anything to complain about WD… their RMA is amazing at least to me. they solved all my issues in a timely manner with an advanced rma… normaly my WD drives fail within the warranty period of 2 years or seem to last forever…

and [Jonty.S] is correct

i was expecting other people to post more pictures of drives that were in service and have many power on days and not complains about the drives my friend

you have another thread to do that…

have a nice day :slight_smile:

in the green fiasco you are right… i had to use the tool since the beginning to disable head parking

Oh, and word has it that WD Blue hard drives are the new Green, with the same high load_cycle_count problem, except that the wdidle3 utility no longer works to disable the WD “intellipark” feature. They are defective by design. IMHO

no i have 2 wd60ezrz ( blue drives 6tb) and they dont exibit load cicle problems

in one year 290 in load cicle count… thats perfectly normal

im gladly that you are wrong on this one! i think its stupid that limitation on green drives… you dont save the environment

i have several drives with datecode of 2019 and dont exibit this behavior… glad they fixed it