I am not having fun lately. I ordered a new Caviar Black 1TB from Newegg and it was DOA. Fortunately, they sent me a replacement and I installed it today. It seems to be OK. But now all the sudden my 4 month old Green 1.5TB is acting strange.

When I double click the drive in Explorer, it opens right up. But when I click on any directory, there’s a better than 75% chance Explorer will freeze.  Not always. SOmetimes I can open a directory no problem. But most times it’s slow, even frozen, and largely ubresponsive.

I cannot replicate this behavior on any other drive.

The only thing I did to the Green when I installed the Black was to switch drive letters. The Green was “G”. Then I installed the Black and made it “G”. I did this first by freeing up the G by first making the Green J. Then restarted, made the new Black G, restarted, then made the Green “E”.

This is a process I have done many times before without issue.

Help is needed here as I am at a loss.


Hello? Out of 24 people who apparently viewed this thread, not one has any advice?

this series has a bug that sometimes became very slow in transfers

maybe thats the problem in your HDD