Thanks for reminding me WD

My thanks go out to the WD moderator who reminded me that all complaints about their products will be deleted.

That certainly isnt true… plenty of complaining all over the place.  He must mean ridiculous rants will be deleted…  I dont know how anyone can complain about $200 1tb 1080p player… LOL…  it works perfect… all the other stuff is icing.  

In fact, with the latest release mine seems to work near perfect…  

Access to my NAS device: works

all formats of 1080i/p thrown at it thus far: works

All my music: works

Android control including volume: works

streaming from my windows 7 media center: works

netflix: works

nas connect directly to device: works everytime

wireless: works (cost me a whole $12.00 on amazon)

RSS: works (though very flakey getting the URL’s entered… but once I figured out the weirdness it works)

WEB interface: works but pretty useless right now

Remote control: works (from many angles)

Local copy command to local drive: works from NAS or PC

I’m not sure what all else a person would want to do… though Im sure you all have ideas… but man, this is a whole lot for $200 WITH a 1tb drive.  I guess blue ray ISO’s dont work… ??  I dont see this as a problem but Im sure others may… are they higher quality then compressed files?  So far everything looks pretty nice…  although I have to say, I dont use dolby…  I can see why someone might be upset about that being broke if indeed it is…   But do you think that wont be fixed pretty darn soon if it is indeed broke?

Anyway… lots of complaining is easily visible on here…  

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So exactly what was said to you.

Seems the majority of the complaints are about user themes not working, which is to be expected. The hardware problems that many post, I don’t see. My machine plays everything I’ve thrown at it. I just loaded .img files and it plays them also. Sound is excellent. Turns on everytime. Turns off when it’s supposed to. Certainly, some machines may have hardware problems, and if enough of them are legit and not “user error”, then those are the issues that need to be addressed so consumers can be well informed when it comes to the decision on what product to buy. Lame complaints aren’t helpful.

i will have to agree that there are many complaints, other than themes issues.

i have had 3 of wd products. the gen 2, which wouldnt play .mkv with compressed headers. yet it was fixed or worked on the live. The live had numerous issues which were never fixed,  or it would have one issue fixed, which then would produce another.  so with hope i went for the live hub. and to be honest the only reason why i purchased that was thanks to Joeys theme.

Myself, and many of  my friends have purchased the wd live just for the look of the moviesheets, not because what its capable of, and being  honest i wouldnt have purchased any of them if it wasnt for the moviesheets.

My setup cost me near £10,000 and to be honest the wd live just didnt fit in, so ended up in the kids room. Unitl i saw joeys moviesheet / theme which pushed me for the live hub. To me the likes of  joey, and the numerous others who spend many free hours into making these themes and moviesheets are the reason why so many people have purchased these players.

Maybe it would be a good idea for WD to maybe actually listen to some of them, and there complaints, or concerns. maybe perfect the firmware you have, before releasing another one just because it has another internet option., i mean i have 7 devices that can play bbc iplayer so the mrs can watch eastenders again and again. and if i want to play games thats what the xbox and ps3 for. 

What i would like is a firmware that works 100%. I want my folder thumb / icons to look nice, not look as if my 5 year old has just painted them, and walked home in the rain to show me. Already my fan has started making strange noises, and the power button has an issue too… have read that quite a few people have had this problem. random powering off. which is fixed by disconnecting the switch,…so a new player will be on the cards soon… doubt it will be WD tho… my advice WD… listen to the problems, and fix them. there are lots of othe rgreat products out there.