Tg news

Support for Hub is in progress and there’s a big chance to publish it during this weekend (supporting both standard way xml+backdrops AND the alternative solutions proposed by extremedigital to reuse full TG sheets)


thank you

great news

thank you for the update ! Thanks !!!

I already been testing the new thumbgen, with support for Live Hub xml files, auto dummy file creation and moviesheet compatibily between Live and Live Hub…

In a nutshell i have been able to create the following files ALL at the same time :smileyvery-happy:

moviesheet.jpg, moviename.jpg, folder.jpg, moviename.xml and dummy movie file

Just a few little bugs to iron out and i hope TG can release it soon.

only with your theme? :neutral_face:

Hi boucher,

Nahh not just with my theme,

TG can now create Hub xml metadata, without giving away too much MOST of the neccasary info is in the xml, currently no youtube trailer link or backdrops links (though he is working on adding the backdrops soon)

Also TG can auto create a dummy moviefile that helps us trigger the moviesheet in both my and firetix themes.

TG can already enable you to create moviesheets, custom thumbnails for moviename.jpg and folder.jpg

TG can already create transparent .png files

Point that has come up from time to time is that are moviesheets only compatible in our themes, this is not strictly true, there is no secret all i do is use the thumbnail and set it to position x=0, y=0 and size 1280 x 720 to fill up the screen.

Any themer can add this into their themes it just that it will create horrible side effects if the theme is not re-written to accomadate this. All i have done with firetix is try to perfect the positioning of my theme to work with this ‘moviesheet trick’

The actual exact line of code is :----

Try changing it in any theme and see the effects…Hope this helps someone to improve on the moviesheets in their own themes…

We decided on using a dummy movie file to trigger the ‘thumbnail’ that is actually the moviesheet, becuase of 1 very important reason…Compatibility

 IF you used the normal thumbnail for the movie, then if you ran ‘Get Info’ on the hub it would overwrite your moviesheet which would be very nice :angry: 

I still dont understand the purpose of the dummy file.

I used to create metadata from hub or use that other 3rd part tool [WDTVLiveMetadataLoader1.1.1] Then I would create the rest with TG. and rename the png to jpg after

now with the new TG

I create the metdata into the main moviesheet, add the thumbnail and folder… using he default theme in TG. I even mage it straight to jpg instead of renaming to jpg from png.

I also remove background[as I hate them]

Everything works fine with ot without the dummy file, so I opt for without it because to me it seems like a useless file.

What am I missing… with this process everything is 90% perfect [just need TG to include youtube trailers and it will be 100%]

So what am I missing with this dummy file?