Text quality

I have just got this unit which is great but was a bit disappointed in the text quality/ resolution. It is very indistinct and flickery. Anyone else find this and is there a cure? I’m running it though a non HD tv, in fact a reasonably old Sony trinitron CRT. any thoughts are am I just asking too much?

I have had no issues with text quality at all so it could be your TV. When exactly is the problem seen - is it with video or on the menus?

If it were me, I’d try to plug it into another TV. Depending on your situation, this may not be trivial but it would be a dead giveaway as to which device is actually causing the problem. This is the first I’ve heard of a problem like this.

I’ll try another tv- i suspect it might just be that

Problem is with text on menus.

I’ll try another tv - i susupect it is the tv’s problem. Good really- I was after an excuse to get a new one!

For me the text of the album folders and the single tracks also is flickering and fuzzy - and therefore too small .

Maybe the poor quality has got something to do with my old not-HD TV and the Composite (Standard Definition) connection ?

Or because of the firmware ?

Unfortunately I can’t check it out with a HD TV.

I had the same problem when I first plugged in my WDTV mini - the default setting is composite connection only . It doesn’t detect it if you added component wiring - you have to change the setting.