Terrible slow access with MAC OS X Mavericks

I access Mycloud with MAC OS X Mavericks it’s so slow even open, copy, delete anything… But no problem in Window7.  I use gigabit ethernet lan and update firmware automatic but not improved. Please let me know how to solve it.


Is the Mac wired or wireless?

Make sure that all the ports on the router are Gigabit if you are using a wired connection.

Also confirm that you don’t have a firewall blocking the connection.

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What are you considering “terribly slow”? I ran a cat5 cable from my Mac Mini (2012) directly into the My Cloud box (like how crossover cables were used in the past), let the Mac assign an IP to the drive, and created a small gigabit network for the intial 2.75TB file transfer I needed to make. I was only getting around 230Mbps transfer speeds. I mean, thats far, far less than what it should be running at, but I was just happy that it was faster than the 90Mbps I was getting with my previous setup (NAS into Airport Express (100Mbps port)).

If anyone does have an answer to this, I’d love to know why.

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