Terrible audio distortion on composite audio output

Hi, I hooked up my new WD TV Live to my Advance Acoustic amp using a 2RCA male to 3.5mm male. I had horrible audio  distortion without even playing anything. I tried using the cable that came with the box and had the same result. I even tried the WD TV live with my 2.1 computer speakers and had the same audio distortion. I saw some older threads that audio distortion has been an issue with the WD TV Live. I’m facing this issue only with the composite output, the HDMI is working perfectly fine - I’m currently routing the audio in through my TV but don’t want to continue doing this. I’m running firmware version number 1.10.13

Any fixes/ideas what I can do to sort this out? Is this a hardware issue and should I ask for an exchange? Please help! Thanks.


I played around with different cables and manged to sort this out!

The audio works fine through composite only when I use the WD provided cable. I tried a 2RCA cable and even a 3RCA cable (Bandridge cables) and had the same distortion issue. Any reason why? What does the WD cable have that the others don’t?  Also, the WD cable is really short so that is an additional pain. And God forbid it gets spoilt, then the composite output will be off no use to me. Please suggest a work around. Thanks

steven99 wrote:

What does the WD cable have that the others don’t? 

A different pinout…

Any idea where I can pick up the proprietary WD cable? A longer one!

You can order a replacement cable it thru WD Tech support.

As for a LONGER one: Just use any ordinary composite video/audio extension cable.