Temp and Clock Display

i added the clock and temp display to the videos,dvd.s, and the audio’s xml i will post them later today if anybody is interested in this let me know. i probably post them seperately first only the clock and then clock and temp. all i need to know is how to post these files. so please reply with EASY instructions. i do mean EASY to follow! and then i can post them!

I suppose you mean to the playbar, which will only be helpful to those using the default Mochi theme.

You’ll have to zip the necessary files, then upload the zip file to a file sharing site like mediafire.com.

i’m using mojo 1.12.1. i tried it also with darklight . i have it on my hub and the smp! and when i play an audio file it displays the temp and time, just loke when i play a DVD or Video file press  info to display it!

ok i upload it to media i file with time only and time with temp display. what next?

Well, if you have added to my themes, then you need to make clear which themes they you have modified the xmls for because my 2 themes use a different playbar then others and if it’s tied to the playbar then it want look the same on other themes.

The reason for the difference in how the time/temp would display for music and videos is due to how it’s hard coded in the firmware.  The music playbar is always on as where the video & dvd playbar aren’t.

i added to the audio in the audio_playback.xml, the DVD in dvd_navigation.xml, and the video in the video_run.xml. i tried both the mojo 1.12.1 and the darkilight beta 3 i think to both my hub and to the smp! and it works! at leadt for me.

Thank you for doing that. I want to see the temperature and clock as often as possible. 

Would let me know where to download what you have done?

i have it on mediafile but so far nobody ever said how i can allow anybody to download it! if anyone needs it please let me know how to do it! you have the time and temp on photos,video files, but i dont have it on iso files as yet but i have it working on the latest mojo and darklight themes for both the hub and the smp player i use both daily/

If you want to share a link to your files just copy/paste the download url here or use the chain icon in the text editor when posting …

I am new here. I have never shared a file here so I am not sure. I assume that you can save the files on your dropbox and paste the link to them here.

Since I play my local music often, I would love to have the temperature and the clock in the now playing. 

Thank you for taking the time to do that. Appreciated.

i still dont know what to do? please reply with clear instructions i really think you would like this. somebody told to to use mediafire, and thats all they said, but how can i post a link to that file?