Tell me that is not true!

My experience with WE My world book white light was bad but today it **bleep**!

Today my WE MWB start to blink the white light and doesn’t start, i start read something and what i found that i can’t recover my data because i lost the warranty and if i send my WE MWB to warranty they will delete all my data! Can anyone tell me that is not true?!

If I write what you want to read then I’d be lying. The warranty could be voided if the drive is taken out of the case unless it’s done by WD’s recovery partners, and even if you do, the file system of the drive inside is EXT3, so a Linux computer will be needed for personal data recovery. Also, if you send the drive to them for a replacement /warranty, they  explain in here that the data will be killed in the testing process…

If you follow my experience, you’ll see I managed to recover data with pc and some data recovery software