Technical issue: Consistent shut downs

I’ve had this device for about 6 months now, and have loved every minute of it. Recently after the new firmware was released the device would shut down at random times (normally about 10 minutes of operation but sometimes sooner)

I looked for the SOS flash and it does not happen. I’ve rolled back the firmware, which did nothing at all. I’ve allowed the device time to rest (about 4 days) and didn’t help a bit. 

I’ve seen on a few threads on various forums about this issue, and what i got out of it it’s fatal. Everyone had the same DCM number (BAAEAA) which mine does. 

Is there another work around for this or do i need to send the device in?

Well you seem to have read up all about it.

Personally I would not be leaving a post here, not because the forums are bad, but because WD do not respond to all matters, espcially one as severe as yours.

I would start the ball rolling to get it replaced.

I’ve already contacted them, just waiting for a call. 

I was mainly wondering if anyone has had the same problem here and how quick WD is with replacements/repairs. I do have 99% of the data backed up, so i’m not worried about that. Just a shame it’s sitting here doing nothing at all lol.