Tech support number

I am trying to reach tech suppport by calling 18002754932 but am getting another party.

Does anyone know the accurate W.D. teech suppprt number?

Thank you.

That is the correct number.  If you are calling from out of the U.S., are you using our country code, first?  If you’re calling from within the U.S., are you dialing 1 before the 800?

I am calling exactly as my post appears from the USA.  Is that correct?

Are you calling from within the US?

The number I called is what I put in my previous post; I dialed 1800…

Where are you calling from?

I am calling from MD so there should be no problem.

Btw, I bought my WD external drive from Staples with a 2 year warranty.

How long am I entitled to free tech support at Wd ?

Thank you

Man, you’re one cryptic individual.  If you’re saying that you’re from Maryland, then I have no idea why the number isn’t working for you.  We’ve had no other reports of issues with the Support phone number.   Try calling the number, 1 (800) 275-4932, on another phone. 

I don’t mean to be secretive, I was just replying to the question.

I did try the numer and it appears to be fine now. I called around the time of the storm so maybe that had something to do woith it.

Do you know how long one has tech support with the two year warranty from Staples on the external drive from W.D?

Normally, you get 1 free month of tech support, from the first time you call in.  After that you’re supposed to pay a small fee.  However, if you don’t have your issue resolved by the end of the month, you continue to get help until it’s resolved.

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I undesrstand and thank you.