Tech support is not supportive retrospect problem,

I have a My World 750 blue light. I am trying to run retrospect ot back up to this drive. It  wont let me log in says invalid password. I checked the FAQ and it says the on MiNet under help it will show “My Backup Info”   My mionet is 2 years old and does not have that . I erset the password in the drive and I still cannot access the drive. All I get from tech is the same thing that I told them wasnt there.

Wouldnt it be nice if there was some training? Or is it they want to force us to buy extended support?   

Can anyone help?

Sorry, I can’t help you either.  But I’m getting pretty tired of buying products that offer support 24/7, only to find out most of them know about as much as I do.  So, what’s the point of support?    I haven’t even contacted the real support people for fear of the merry go round, you propbably experienced.  An HP support person gave me a website called that actually had information I could understand and use.  I haven’t looked at it for my WD product but that’s where I’m headed when I leave this site.  Sorry again.