Teach me how to connect at the same time?

I recently bought two sets of WD powerline kit(Having four boxes).

How to make “two sets of WD Livewire(Total four boxes)” connect to the same router at the same time on one set of outlet in a room ?

I found  that two boxes are connected to the same router in one room(into the same outlet on wall),

but in another room two boxes are connected to two PC RJ45 hole.(also in the  another  outlet on wall, the same outlet.)

Two connections  can’t be connected   normally   at  the same time .

Always, there is only one  connection can  be connect to Internet?

I hope four boxes(Two sets of  livewire kit) can be used at the same time.

Help, how to solve this problem?  How to do?  

Could you give me some suggestions?  Thanks a lot.

I have four WD LiveWires connected simultaneously.   They all work fine.

Your description of how you have yours connected makes absolutely NO sense.

Please draw a picture.

OKay, I  hate Drawing,but I do it.  As the following~~~

A2-----A1-----router------B1------B2 (Two sets of powerline kit)

I doubt why  it can’t  all connect  simultaneously.

It  seems A2-------->B1 or B2------->A!, so it can’t connect at the same time.

I don’t know that

 WD Livewire have a good  Identification Mechanism(automatically) to find its partner(A2----A1 or B2—B1) or not.


You are misunderstanding how these devices work.

You do not need to keep them in “PAIRS,”     Only ONE of them needs to be conencted to the router.

So, unless A and B are on a different POWER SYSTEM, you do NOT need to use B1.

You can have MULTIPLE HomePlug AV devices all sharing the same connection.

So, try this:

A2 -------(powerline)---- A1 --- (ethernet) --- ROUTER 
B2 ----/

Initially I did something similar to this and it brought my entire network down.  Why?  Simple, a loop was created in the network when A1 and B1 where attached to the router.

Technologies like Spanning Tree are used to prevent/limit the damage but this is rarely in home equipment.

StreetPizza:  You’re exactly right!