Take long time to stream MKV files through DNLA

Hi, anyone happens to use SONY BDP-E380 home theatre player to play MKV files from MBL 2T through DLNA? I can play MKV files on E380 via USB the moment I push the play bottom, but it will take me around 5 minutes to play same MKV files through DLNA.

Pls help me on this issue as all my precious movies are in MKV format.

Btw, my current Twonky version is 5.xxx.

(The MKV file here is just a 20 minutes Big Bang Theory)


I’m not a technical person but below is my humble opinion that you may find useful:

Is your router supporting radio frequency of wifi 802.11b/g only or it supports up to 802.11 n? There is a great difference in data transmission speed between b/g and n and thus that may be the issue that you are facing.

You will have to access your router gateway to see the radio frequency it’s using.

If your router is supporting in 802.11 b/g then you will need a router that that supports 802.11 n.

Hope this is of use to you. :slight_smile:

Wireless and MKVs do not go together. Tried the same, no matter what, performance was **bleep**.

I have no trouble streaming both SD & HD mkvs over wireless n

Thanks for your suggestion, but I tried a 3G mpg file which can play by DLNA instantly and I connect by Cat 6 LAN, thus speed should not be an issue here.

Just wondering if upgrading Twonky to 6.xxx or higher is the only solution here?

I think that will depend on your SONY BDP-E380 device. Maybe there is the problem. I use an WDTV Live to play wireless streamed and local MKV files with no issues. However wireless streaming dIrect to a Samsung LE46C750 tv is problematic with MKV files. It will play them all from a drive plugged directly into the TVs USB port but wireless DNLA streamed is unpredictable. I have found the it will play the MKVs if remuxed as an MP4 file. Same video, same audio. Why I am not sure. As you say maybe a Twonky upgrade would help.


My Samsung TV will not play MKV files thru DLNA  although it will thru USB . Other forums say Samsung provides a minimum DLNA transfer capability . Forget Panasonic Blue Ray DLNA capables like model 210 : nothing will come thru on DLNA or USB  except lip sync off MPEG2 videos.