Tag photos with flag or Star


I just bought a WD MPWPro, and I am testing to include in my photographer workflow. To do backup in session, or travel it is great, see the previews in the ipad, and import a photo to lightroom or other app it is also great. But when I have shoot a lot of photos, see one by one it is tedious. is it a way to tag photos with a star, color or a flag. to filter with the good ones and the import to the Ipad or other device. I think in the WD My cloud it is not possible.

Anyone know an other app that you can see a preview of the raw file, then tag the best photos, and import to your device (ipad or other)?

And an other question. Can I create a folder in the Wd My cloud App from an ios device?

Thank to all your answer.

Yes, you can create a folder from within the My Cloud mobile app. When you are in the “All” tab, select the 3 dots menu at top right corner and the New Folder option is in the list.

There is no photo tagging capability in the My Cloud mobile app. Here is a few other apps that work with the product may help:

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your answer. Yes I notice the button to create a folder, I missed the las time I entered.

It is a pity to not get a tagging capability in the WD app.

iOS files app, it is a good but i did not get a preview, I have to download the entered file.

The filmic and the LumaFusion compatibility it’s great!!!