System hangs

I have bought 1TB My Book Essential hdd just 5 days ago. If I connect this hdd to my computer then initial 2 min there is no problem but after 2 min it hangs my system. Is it the problem of hdd or my system power supply?

Just bought my WD 1T Essential last night, system crashed to BSOD each and every time I connected the device. I was able to get the software installed on the 3rd try and was hopefull, but same result a few minutes later. I read the poor reviews on Best Buy which warned of the crashes, but ignored them becasue of the “good deal.” All in all, I attempted 8 times, and each time the system crashed between 5-10 minutes after connecting. I disconnected it and the computer ran for the rest of the night with no problems. I also own a 250GB WD My Book and have had absolutely no problems over the years. I like a good number of other purchasers of this “product” will be returning to the store. Too bad!