Synology - USB - Hibernate?


I have a  MyBook 2/3 USB drive that I’m using as theSynology NAS USB backup.  (formated as a FAT32)

How can I make the (external) drive hibernate?     Everything else hibernates normally - EXCEPT the WD MyBook.  Which runs continually)  ???

Does the Synology supply continous power to the usb port?  If so, then that may keep the drive active.  Also, NAS drives usually run utilities to do their own “housekeeping.”  That also could keep the drive active.  Does the Synology run an automatic backup utility?  Likewise, that will keep the drive active.

If you are going to use our drive to backup the Synology, I would let it do the backup and then safely remove and disconnect it until you want to run another backup. 

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Hi.  Thanks for the response/ideas!   (Sorry it took a little while to reply back to you. (WD page password issues)  LOL

Anyway…Since my original post/question…The MyBook IS hibernating!   I think that maybe I was keeping it alive as I was working on the NAS.  Seems after all settled down - it is now Hibernating (normally)

The Synology does go into a hibernate mode (and there may be some time delay) before it powers down the USB’s - and thus (some more time) before the MyBook goes to sleep.  ??

The good news is it’s all working!   Yeah…

Again, thanks for the reply.

I’m glad to hear it.

May I know how to tell my book already goes into habernation mode, thanks.