Syncing Titanium Backup for Andoid using FTP


I’m trying to configure Titanium Backup to sync to my My book Live using FTP. Does anyone have any advice how to do this? Syncing to Dropbox was easy but I want to be able to have my files on my own drive also so I can share the files on my home network faster. Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Is not possible to sync from TB to the MBL automatically.  What you can do is to make the SD card the saving location for the backup, put the SD card in the computer and transfer the backup to the MBL.

TB scans my SD card for changes and real time syncs them to my dropbox account. The backups are saved remotely to dropbox in case anything should ever happen to my phone. Dropbox only offers 2GB of free storage and my phones internal storage + SD card are much larger. TB also allows real time SD card sync to an NAS drive via FTP so I wouldn’t have to pay dropbox and I could also share my media to my other devices on my network.