Syncing My One Drive account to My Cloud

Hello I am new to My Cloud and I wanted to know how to sync my one drive data to my My cloud

It is possible GoodSync may be able to backup or sync between the My Cloud and One Drive.
How to Install GoodSync 3rd Party App on My Cloud
GoodSync Free and Premium for WD My Cloud

Or see if one of the various third party apps for OS5 will perform a sync or backup with a OS5 firmware My Cloud.

My Cloud OS 5: 3rd Party Apps Matrix

Hello thank you for the advice I did use good syncs but I don’t see my one drive data on my WD. Any suggestion on what I can do ?

Is GoodSync setup or configured to copy/sync data from One Drive to the My Cloud?

If the GoodSync program installed to the computer won’t copy/sync directly from One Drive to the My Cloud. One may need to see if the GoodSync version that gets installed directly to the My Cloud (see link in prior post) will copy/sync from One Drive to the My Cloud.