Is it possible to sync/mirror the My Cloud to a drive on a server?

For example, we have a drive here on an old server that is constantly having files added to it or changed, and my boss wants to know if there’s a way to have whatever is being put on that server drive to automatically be added/mirrored/whatever onto his personal My Cloud.

Is this possible? And if it is, how do I go about it?


1-enable ftp server from WdMycloud

2-use an ftp client to sync/mirror folder using batch jobs from your client


Would you, at all possible, be able to offer any assistance later on how to go about this?

It would be MUCH appreciated!

I’m only a MyCloud owner nor a staff member or WD assistance personnel.

I can only help from my limited knowledge as user.

Easy. Setup Rsync, I had posted some steps in an older post on setting it up.
This is if the remote server is running Linux . If it’s running windows then there are even easier ways of syncing to the my cloud drive

In windows WinSCP is a powerfull soft for syncing local/remote server.

On left panel select local computer path or MyCloud/lan mapped drives and on the right panel lan or remote computer paths.

If you are going to go the Windows route, I recommend this free tool:

It is basically rsync for windows with a very nice GUI. Very good tool.

i find “freefile sync” for windows to be the best and easiest sycing tool for me… Its super fast. Can create batch jobs to be run by windows scheduled tasks.

If the server is running windows I would recommend synctoy a MS developed tool for copying data.  It was designed with backup of photos in mind but i use it for all my copying between desktop and NAS.