Synchronizing content on the ex2 o multiple users

I am using the EX2 in a small business.

My problem is that 2 users need to work on data of the same share on the ex2. During travel it is necessary to have the files also available offline. WDSync is synchronizing data and replicates all changes for 1 user. But I would need to have that for both users.

Currently my setup is:
On my EX2 I am having a share, on which 2 users have access. The data to share is on a separete share where both users have access. WDsync is set up so it synchronizes changes to user 1. But I cannot set up wdsync on the other computer to synchronize the same folder.

Can you help?
Thenk you!

there are no way except that you do not setup an internal backup (mirrored type) from the 2 shares, WD backup is useless in this case becouse it’s not shedulable but manually only

you picked the wrong NAS for purposes of such

thank you!
what do you mean by disableing the mirroring? How does that influence the sync?

sry, wrong typing, you can create a mirror type backup on the internal NAS volumes

ok. thanks. so i´m setting up wdsync just with one user. Leaving the files to share and sync to dropbox.