Synchronize Rating of WMP12 and WD TV Live - possible?

Hi together

Got my WD TV LIVE Stream / Media Player last week and I’m quite satisfied for the performance and capabailities I got for the price. But there are still some questions when connecting the thing to my media library.

So here’s my setup and how I connected the box to my PC:

  • I always browse my files via the “Media library” activated, so that the Dashboard of WD Live becomes available

  • When having the dashboard active I’m able to favorite my files and give them ratings in WD Live -> that’s fine

But: Is there any possibilty to synch the rating information to WMP12? So for example: I rate my movies in WMP12 and have this info automatically updated into my WD LIVE GUI.

Do I need to activate something special in Windows network settings to have this possible? Or is the WD Live solution completely separated from my WMP12 library? Also all the backdrop stuff that WD Live gets via finding infos on movie -> are these information useable in WMP12?

I don’t intend to use WMP12 that much, but it would be neat having a synched library.

What I also found out: When deleting a file on WD Live (over “option”)  this will directly delete the movie from WMP12 - so there seems to be some sort of synch going on.

Cheers and thanks for your replies


Even thou, there is some integration between WMP 12 and the WD TV, synch the rating of a movie is not possible, both devices cannot interact this way.

Thanks. After getting more into the tech behind it this is understandble. Thanks for a definite answer!

Won’t bother me that much.