Synchronising my Live TV Hub?

Hi all,

i’ve got a question about the option that the Hub can automaticly synchronise a folder from another device on my network. (i want the hub to synchronise my download folder) but i can’t seem to set-up that option.

I’ve got a laptop with W7/64 and i can see the Hub’s HD in my network but not the other way around to set up the sync… looking in the FAQ’s and in the manual doesn’t help…

Can anyone give me some insight maybe? Thanks!

I think that it is not possible to select certian folders. But maybe I am wrong. I myself work the other way around. So I let the folders on my computer drive sync with folders on the WDTV drive.But not all software is capable of doing so since some are not able to ‘see’ the folders on the WDTV drive. Then they might errase everything else from you drive. So be sure you sync with software capable to synce network drives…!